I have met some of the most amazing, wealthy women/wives on Instagram and I will show you how I did that. The first place to start is your own Instagram and that’s what we’ll be doing today. ⠀

Name: Blair E. J⠀

Bio: Venture capitalist with exquisite taste for the best things life has to offer. God, family, food, luxury! *add any emoji:🦋* (PS: A lot of my “real housewives” friends have butterflies, hearts and/or diamonds in their bios, and I honestly have no clue why, but you can throw them in there if you like.) ⠀


👶 Mum⠀
💍 Wife ⠀
💄 Beauty ⠀
👠 Fashion ⠀
🧁 Owner of Life is Good Cupcakes ⠀

You can always bio “shop” and tweak it so people have an idea what to expect from you. ⠀

Feed: Aesthetically pleasing. Especially one that shows that you’re a force to be reckoned with and you can afford to hang with the best of them. ⠀

Quality pictures, not pictures that look like they were captured by the CCTV at the gas station. Your outfits, your fashion accessories, your fine dining food, not uncle joe’s rib shack from around the corner. Show the best parts of your life that will be inviting to people and will make them want to be friends with you. You don’t follow people on IG to be depressed, you follow what you enjoy. ⠀

Be intentional with your feed and don’t just wait for picture perfect moments to happen, create them. Go to the high end neighborhood and ask your friend to take a picture of you casually jogging. Go to the nice coffee shop and get your latte picture. Some high-end restaurants offer brunch on the weekends and it’s a cheaper, chicer way to get your fine dining food pic. Take a “non-posey” pic outside a designer store. Go to your local conservatory or garden and take whimsical pictures like you would on vacation. Go out there and intentionally create the feed of your dreams. You will have fun doing it, you will explore new places and you never know who you might meet. ⠀

Tip: There are local photographers who are willing to photograph you for next to nothing, to build their portfolio. ⠀

For sticking with me, download @depaloapp . It shows you instagramable places in your city. It’s only available for larger cities now but I’m sure will expand soon. ⠀

Tag me in your new pictures, I’d love to see them. ⠀


  1. I’ve met a guy. 18 years older than me . Very nice man and very rich also. It is becoming more serious between us , but the only thing making things complicated , he’s that he was before married to the older sister of my best friend. I am afraid I will lose this friendship if they find out about my relationship. Please any advice ?

    1. Hi Gazouille, this is a very complicated issue. I say have a talk with your friend and hopefully all of you can figure this out. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way out if this. I wish you the best.

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